Coupons are amazing, who does not like a discount? A very common way to give coupons to customers is to create one automatically after their first order, or something like that.

The issue with that though is that usually these coupons expire after a specific period, and by default, WooCommerce will not delete them. They have no reason to stay in your database though, so how do we delete expired coupons automatically?

With a snippet of course.

Open your functions.php file in wp-content/themes/your-child-theme-name/ and add this code at the end of the file:

This snippet will automatically move to the Trash all the expired coupons in your store so you can go and delete them permanently with one click.

If you want to permanently delete the coupons directly instead of trashing them, you can change this code:

wp_trash_post( $coupon->ID );

to this:

wp_delete_post( $coupon->ID, true );

but beware that once you permanently delete a coupon it cannot be recovered.

Note that it works on WordPress cron jobs. If you disabled them or for any reason, they are not working, this snippet will not work as well.

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  1. Marc
    Marc says:

    This snipped haven’t worked for me. I have added it as Snipppet (executed once) but without effect. Still having over 40’000 coupons in the system (the most of them are expired).


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