Yesterday I wrote about how to translate WordPress themes and plugins with Loco Translate and I mentioned also another method, which is by using Poedit.

Poedit is an open source (MIT license) program available for OS X, Windows and Linux. You can download it here.
It does not only work with WordPress, but with anything that uses the gettext package to manage translations.

In this tutorial though, you will learn how to use it to translate your WordPress theme/plugin.

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There are thousands of plugins and themes all around the world. You can find them on, Envato, WooThemes, and other marketplaces.
If your main language is English, then there’s not any problem with them. You just download the theme/plugin, install it and you are ready to go.

But what if you are Italian? Dutch? Icelandic?
Nobody, or at most few developers, develop their plugins and themes in a language different from English.

You will need to translate it, and I’ll explain you how.

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