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Update 17th August 2015: I released the free plugin WC Custom Thank You to automate what i wrote in this tutorial. Please check the plugin release article.

You should always be grateful to your customers and, obviously, thank them after they complete a purchase.

WooCommerce already does this for you. It redirects to the Thank you page after a successful purchase, but sometimes it’s just not enough for you.

What to do in this case?

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Using WooCommerce Subscriptions you get a “Thank you” message after purchasing a subscription product which says:

Your subscription will be activated when payment clears. View the status of your subscription in your account.

Do you know that you can change this text to the that best matches your style/site?

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If you are not selling digital products, you are probably using the weight and dimensions for your products because you need to ship them. At least the weight will be required for all the shipping services.

The “problem” is that when you add those data in the product, they appear in the single product page. How can you hide them?

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By default WooCommerce Bookings sends the cancelled booking notification email only to the customer who purchased the booking.

In some cases could be useful to send this notification to the admin too so he is aware of this change, expecially if the site does not get so much purchases and you do not usually check the admin every day.

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I’m pretty excited about this tutorial because I wanted to write it for a long time and now I finally had few minutes to do so.

With it you will learn how to automatically create a vendor in your shop using WooCommerce Product Vendors.

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