For any reason, you could change the “Add to Cart” text in your single product page in WooCommerce.

Maybe you are based in UK, so it would be “Add to Basket” and you don’t want to use the plugin translation, or simply you want it to say something cool and unique.

There’s a way to change the text on all products with a filter.

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Some clients may need to show the unit price for each product you are going to sell on the checkout page.

If your client asked this, or if you are your own client and want to add this feature, there’s an easy way to do so in WooCommerce.

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With WooCommerce Product Vendors you can allow other people to sell their products in your store.

You will probably want to create a custom page for each of them, and this is automatically done by the extension because vendors are taxonomies.

They have a description, a title, and some other options. But the description does not allow to add shortcodes.

Shortcodes are something that helps a lot in the website development and make things a lot quicker.

How to allow to add shortcodes in the product vendor description?

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Do you need to search an order but do not remember its ID or even the customer’s email address or his/her name?

Maybe you only have the transaction ID from PayPal or Stripe.

WooCommerce does not include the transaction ID in the metas used to search orders. There’s a quick way to allow this though.

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Don’t you like the Sale badge that WooCommerce prints on your products on sale?

You can quickly change the text if you want, or show the percentage saved on the purchase instead of a static text.

To show the percentage, i suggest the extension Sale Flash Pro, to change instead the text you can use a little snippet.

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