I stream on Twitch every day from 07:30pm GMT+2. You can check the local time here

I started streaming on the 12th January 2017. After following other streamers, I wanted to join the fun and have my own channel, and my own community!

I mainly play video games but I may host a Coding Day sometimes, which is a day when I code with you. You can join and watch me coding live, and you can chat with me in real-time, asking questions, suggesting new ideas, telling me what you want to see me coding!

What Can I Do on Stream?

You can chat with me and have some fun with the other viewers!

There are also some mini-games that you can play in the chat. One of them is named Snowballs Fight. To start a fight simply type !fight X in the chat, replacing X with the number of snowballs that you want to use.

You earn snowballs by being active in the chat, while I’m live.

What Can I Use Snowballs For?

Snowballs can be used for fights and song requests. To start a fight, like I said above, just type !fight X in the chat, replacing X with the number of snowballs that you want to bet.

To request a song instead, type !requestsong X replacing X with a YouTube URL or ID. Song requests cost 20 snowballs for regular viewers.

Other Commands

There are other commands that you can use on the stream:

  • !snowballs – Check how many snowballs you have.
  • !songrequest – Alias for !requestsong.
  • !song – Shows the currently played song.
  • !songlist – Shows a list of queued songs.
  • !8ball X – Replace X with a yes/no question, and 8ball will answer.
  • !game – Shows the title of the game that I’m playing.
  • !uptime – Shows how long I’ve been streaming.
  • !discord – Shows an invite link to my Discord.
  • !blog – Shows a link to my sites.
  • !lastvideo – Shows a link to my latest video on YouTube.
  • !howlong – Shows how long have you been following the stream.

How Can I Support You?

The most important thing that you can do is to drop me a Follow on Twitch! Go to my Twitch channel and click on the purple Follow button near the stream frame. You can also turn ON the notifications to know when I go live.


Another way to support me is by donating. You can donate by clicking on the Donate banner on my Twitch channel.


You can subscribe by choosing a tier on this page.

Subscriptions are charged monthly, you can unsubscribe at any time.

By being a subscriber, you get access to benefits, like currency multiplier on stream, that will make you earn snowballs faster, up to 4x! Also you get access to a dedicated subscribers channel on Discord.

You get also other benefits, check the subscriptions tiers to know more.

Funds received from donations and subscriptions are used to improve the stream.